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Q. Will my reserved RMEC row # be honored?

A.  YES.  We will honor all RMEC reserved row #'s first, and only change them if you request us to do so.


Q. How do you perform sound testing?

A. We will sound test every motorcycle per AMA guidelines.  For a complete description of that, go to the AMA 2018 Rulebook page 277 and read up.  The condensed version is:  We will test your bike at about 5000 RPM's and 20" away at a 45 degree angle.  RPM's will vary by bike.  It needs to come in at or under 96db.  We will round down (96.7db = 96db).  We will check for a spark arrestor inside of the muffler.  The stick or coat-hanger method is as technical as we get, although we may also look for the 'USFS-Approved' stamp.  Bottom line is you need a quiet bike and a spark arrestor or you won't be allowed to start.


Q. What is a Reliability Enduro?

A.  This is the exact same race format that the ISDE, World Enduros, World Rallies, and every other motorcycle race outside of the United States. Somehow Americans have come up with a myriad of ways to complicate racing. Quite frankly, it is a very simple format and you’ve probably raced this format before and didn’t know it. Some people call it a “Qualifier” although I would question what they are qualifying for. To me the term “Qualifier” has become synonymous with ‘we have no idea what we are doing and we are making up the rules as we go’. Our event is NOT a “Qualifier”.

Concept #1:

you will encounter Special Tests on the course. At these special tests you will start (check in) when you arrive, go as fast as you can to the finish and check out. 1 rider will start every 15 seconds. I know, its super complicated. A/B riders will have 5 tests on Saturday and 4 tests on Sunday. C riders will have 3 tests each day. The length of each test varies from 4 to 12 miles.

Concept #2:

you will encounter Time Checks on the course. At Registration you will be given a Time Schedule. This will tell you how much time you have to get from the START to Time Check #1, and then from Time Check #1 to Time Check #2, and so on. We will also include the mileage between each of the Time Checks so you know that important info. TIME CHECKS are completely independent of SPECIAL TESTS. They are not located in the same places and do not serve any of the same functions. It is YOUR responsibility to calculate your DUE TIME at each Time Check. We are not going to do this for you, and the Check Workers have absolutely no idea when you are supposed to go through their check. THERE WILL BE A LARGE CLOCK AT EACH TIMECHECK. COMPARE YOUR CALCULATED DUE TIME WITH THE CLOCK AND GO THRU THE CHECK ON TIME. The CHECK WORKERS will simply write down what time you actually went through. If you are late or early to a Time Check, 60 points will be added to your Special Test score total for each minute you are late or early. If you brain-fade and go thru a TimeCheck 5 minutes early, we will add 300 seconds (points) to your score at the end of the day. If you go through that TimeCheck early (or late), you need to assume a new schedule based on the time you went thru. Do not try to make up time at the next check. If you went thru 5 minutes late at Check 1, you will have 300 penalty points. If you proceed to the next check and go thru on your original time then you will get another 300 penalty points for going in 5 minutes early. The object of the game is to keep you moving on the course, but not incentivize you to go fast to make up time that you may have lost.
Here is an excerpt from the AMA Rulebook regarding TimeChecks: c. Riders who arrive at a timed check more than one minute before or after their last marked time are penalized 60 points for every minute according to the time last marked on the card (marked timestarting time for the next section).


Q. Can I leave the race site and protest the results that are wrong when I get home?

A. No. As per RMEC rules, if the results are posted the day of the event, then a 15 minute Protest Period is allowed for riders to protest something they feel is not correct.  We will announce the beginning of the Protest period and write that start time on something conspicuous near the posting of the results.  Be there, or give up your ability to protest.  If you decide you need to protest something about the course, you HAVE TO sign a protest sheet at the first checkpoint after the incident.  If you have not done that, you will not win a protest.  If you are protesting a result, you must write it down at Registration and include the Rider Number in question and the check number we need to look at.  We are not motivated by statements like 'there is no way that guy was that fast in that section' or 'I beat that guy all day long and he beat me in that test by alot'.  You need to come up with some real evidence.  The only errors that are allowed to be fixed the week after the event are MATH errors.  LiveLaps is doing all the calculating and I have not seen a math error since we have been using them for 3 years now.  Short answer - If you wait til you get home to see something you want to protest - its too late.